Damon Wilson: US, EU share common strategic vision of Western Balkans (VIDEO)

NEWS 06.08.2020 18:04
Source: N1

It is important that the United States and European Union work together and have a common strategic vision towards the Western Balkans, American foreign policy advisor Damon Wilson told N1.

Wilson, who is the executive vice president at the Atlantic Council, a foreign policy think tank based in Washington, expressed his displeasure with the lack of the progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also said that political situation concerning Belgrade-Kosovo relations is blocking further progress.

There are people committed to work with the region to solve its problems and that is a good sign, said Wilson. “But at the same time, it really is important that the United States and the European Union work together. We don't have to do everything the same, that's not the way it works. On the other hand, we share a common strategic vision, a common strategy and it need to be a little more synced up,” he added.

Watch the entire interview with Wilson in the video.