Sarajevo gets four drive-thru PCR testing locations

NEWS 14.08.2020 11:16
Source: N1

To reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus infection, Sarajevo residents with the virus infection symptoms can now undergo a drive-in PCR test at four healthcare institutions in the city, spokesperson for the Sarajevo Canton Healthcare Centre Arman Sarkic told Fena news agency.

Two are located within the healthcare centres Saraj Polje, Ilidza and Semizovac, while the fourth is centrally located at the Vrazova Healthcare Centre.

“It is important to say that citizens cannot self-initiativelly come for the testing, they must previously contact their family doctor and in consultations with them as well as the epidemiologist's recommendation schedule the testing. There should be a medical indication for every test and one cannot just pop in, unannounced and without any symptoms,” Sarkic explained.

Drive-thru method, he added, is significantly reducing the contact and potential virus spread among the patients and medical staff.