US Embassy: Concerns regarding 'unreliable, high-risk providers' in 5G networks

NEWS 14.08.2020 13:50
Source: N1

The US Embassy in Sarajevo said it was maintaining regular communication with relevant Bosnian authorities to inform them about the concerns regarding the “unreliable, high-risk providers” becoming a part of any network including 5G.

“Allowing unreliable, high-risk providers such as Huawei and ZTE to become a part of any network, be it 5G or any other, makes the major system liable to disturbances, manipulations and espionage, and it also exposes delicate governmental economic and personal information to risk,” the embassy told N1, urging Bosnia and Herzegovina to rely on verified providers only when selecting the equipment for its own networks.

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Asked about the EU's stance on the introduction of 5G network and whether it discussed the matter with the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EU Delegation in Sarajevo said the bloc strongly supported the international cooperation on this issue.

“The fifth generation of telecommunications technologies (5G) is expected to support the digitalisation of economic and social activities worldwide,” European Union's (EU) office in Sarajevo told N1, adding that the European Commission strongly supports international cooperation towards global interoperability through standardisation and spectrum harmonisation.

“In January 2020, the Commission endorsed the joint toolbox of mitigating measures agreed by EU Member States to address security risks related to the rollout of 5G. The toolbox addresses all risks identified in the EU coordinated assessment, including risks related to non-technical factors, such as the risk of interference from non-EU state or state-backed actors through the 5G supply chain,” said the EU's office.