EC signs pre-contract for 300 mil anti-coronavirus vaccine with British firm

Source: Reuters/Yves Herman

The European Commission (EC) said it had signed a pre-contract with 'AstraZeneca,' a British farmaceutical company, for purchasing 300 million doses of an anti-coronavirus vaccine.

EC said in a statement that the pre-contract applied to all European Union member states and that new hundred million doses would be ordered if proved efficient and safe.

It will donate the vaccines to less developed countries and continues negotiations with other producers of the vaccine, but does not specify.

The British vaccine is currently going through the second and third broad clinical trials for safety and its immunogenicity. 

Russia's President Vladimir Putinsaid on Tuesday his country had produced the vaccine and that it would soon be administrated.

However, the announcement caused some concerns in the West, with scientists worldwide saying that the headlong rush could backfire.

The healthcare institutions and officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina are divided at the moment on the Russia-made vaccine. While the representatives of Bosniak-Croat shared Federation (FBiH) region said they would follow the EU's policy on the coronavirus vaccine, the officials in the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) region said Bosnia should order Russia's product.

The two administrative units manage their healthcare sectors separately.

Bosnia's Civil Affairs ministry earlier told N1 that Bosnia was among the countries that would have equal access to the Covid-19 vaccine once it becomes available and that the country would get 20 percent of the vaccine in relation to its population.