Islamic Community premises in Montenegro's Pljevlja town targeted by vandals

Source: Anadolija

The premises of Islamic Community in Montenegrin northern town Pljevlja were targeted by vandals who broke the door glass panes on Tuesday night and left threatening messages.

Speaking to Anadolu agency, local imam Samir Kadribasic said he feared such incidents could trigger unpredictable reactions.

“This is too much. I cannot say where this is going, but I'm afraid this might trigger the reactions on the other side and lead to chaos,” said Kadribasic.

A message left at the Islamic Community's office suggested that Pljevlja could see the same crimes that occurred in the 1990s war in Srebrenica, Bosnian eastern town that saw the mass killings of thousands of Bosniak men and boys.

The situation in Pljevlja does not make anyone feel safe, according to Kadribasic, who stressed that this was not dangerous for the Bosniaks only. 

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Source : Anadolija
Source : Anadolija

“I told the police chief I would take him as responsible if this doesn't get solved,” he underlined.

“Believe me, the ones who compare this post-election situation in Montenegro with the situation from the early 1990s are not exaggerating at all,” Kadribasic said.

The incident comes days after Montenegro's parliamentary election, which sent President Milo Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) into the opposition after nearly three decades of the rule and brought the victory to the opposition ‘For Montenegro's Future’ coalition.

The vote was preceded by the heated discussion on the new Law on Religious Freedoms which divided Montenegrin citizens in the wake of the anti-law mass protests organised the Serbian Orthodox Church, which claimed it would enable the state to take over the church properties in the country.