School in Bosnian village builds open-air classroom (PHOTO)

NEWS 09.09.2020 17:04
Source: REUTERS/D. Ruvić

Elementary school Kucani in the north-Bosnian Una-Sana Canton has built an open-air classroom amid the Covid-19 pandemic so as to provide students with face-to-face education and the ever needed social contact with their peers, but at a safe distance.

Instructions for the construction were clear: to maintain social distancing and to spend time in nature as much as possible.

“We were faced with something new that was quite negative. And now when the children come to school, there will be some beautiful news for them and I think we'll all use this in the best possible way. We'll certainly be more relaxed and pass our mood to the children,” said Aida Destanovic, a school psychologist.

“Our desire was, primarily, to bring the performing arts closer to the children, to bring the theatre closer to them, to bring the children closer to outdoor classes so that they can broaden their horizons, to simply enjoy everything we tried to prepare for them in the best possible way”, Mirza Begović, a teacher of Bosnian Language and Literature said for N1.