Former European basketball champion K.K. Bosna slowly shutting down

Source: KK Bosna

The 1979 FIBA European Champion, basketball team Bosna from Sarajevo is slowly shutting down due to insufficient funds, incumbent Club president Almir Bradic said Sunday.

“Unfortunately, it's the bitter truth. Every year, or should I say every month we expect something to change but the situation keeps getting worse. We asked for help from all levels of government, from the country's presidency to the municipal level, but only Canton Sarajevo helped us. However, not even their €15,000, for which we are very grateful, can't help us survive. Annually we need at least €100,000 and that's just to keep us afloat,” Bradic said.

He warned that Bosna Royal, as the club is currently called, must register its playing staff for the next season by September 21. However, if the situation does not change drastically, the former European champions will give up the competition.

“We started losing patience in the fight for our bare survival. It is interesting that no one talks about the culprits for Bosnia's millions of debts any more. Who did it and when? We are constantly hitting our heads against the wall in all spheres,” Bradic noted.