Komsic: Dodik to tell Zagreb that RS and Serbia will be one

NEWS 16.09.2020 10:25
Source: Fena

Milorad Dodik, the Bosnian Serb member of the tripartite Presidency, is in a private visit to Croatian officials, bringing them a message that the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska (RS) and Serbia will be one state, Croat Presidency member Zeljko Komsic said on Wednesday.

This message is the goal of Dodik's policy, Komsic added.

“Regardless of how the official Zagreb will take that message, with or without their approval, We who live in Bosnia know what we have to do. Zagreb can do as they please. Milosevic and Tudjman's plan from Karadjordjevo will never be realised,” Komsic told media representatives.

In March of 1991, the then presidents of Yugoslav federal states of Serbia and Croatia, Slobodan Milosevic and Franjo Tudjman met in Serbia, Karadjordjevo to discuss the ongoing Yugoslav crisis.

Back then, various media outlets reported that during the meeting, the two presidents allegedly agreed on the re-partitioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina between soon to be independent Croatia and Serbia. According to those claims, the territories with either an ethnic Croat or Serb majority would be annexed by the two states, with a rump Bosniak buffer state remaining in between. Since the talks took place without any witnesses, and no transcript was taken, the exact content of the talks is not known.

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik will stay in Zagreb on Wednesday where he will meet with the President of Croatia Zoran Milanovic and the country's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

The meeting was previously condemned by the Bosniak member Sefik Dzaferovic who also said that Dodik is in a private visit which has nothing to do with the Presidency.