Man charged with online threats to Bosnia's Chief prosecutor and EU official

NEWS 16.09.2020 13:45
Source: N1

The prosecution charged Ranko Petrovic from the central Bosnian city of Tuzla for allegedly threatening Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic and former Head of EU Delegation in the country via an Internet portal, the Prosecution said Wednesday.

The man is charged with making serious threats to the life of Head of EU Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lars Gunnar Wigemark, who is under international legal protection, and that he made serious threats to Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic, who is also under 24-hour protection, calling for her murder, which caused serious fear and anxiety, as well as public outrage,” The Prosecution said, adding that the threats were made through comments on an Internet portal which the accused wrote using his IP address.

With these threats, the Prosecution noted, the accused committed a criminal offence – Endangering a person under international protection from the article 192 and an Attack on an official performing the duties of security, investigation or arrests of criminals from Article 241b of the Penal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court for confirmation.