Border Police prevents smuggling of 32 migrants into Bosnia

Source: N1

Bosnian Border Police said Thursday they prevented 32 migrants from being smuggled into the country, near the eastern town of Zvornik.

“Members of the Zvornik Border Police unit and Border Police Investigative Office have prevented the smuggling of 12 persons of Afro-Asian origin, in cooperation with the local police from Tuzla Canton. The smuggling was discovered in Osmaci Municipality and the driver of the Volkswagen ‘Golf ‘attempted to escape the police pursuit after being told to stop several times,” the Border Police statement said.
They added that they then discovered another group of 20 individuals, also of Afro-Asian origin which can be brought into connection with the previously smuggled group.

All 32 illegal migrants (22 men, three women and seven children) were then taken to Zvornik Border Police facility where they determined that 12 migrants came from Afghanistan, 10 from Iraq, six from Syria and four from Iran.

Bosnia's Border Police concluded saying they seized the vehicle with which the migrants were smuggled into the country, and that they informed the Prosecution of the incident.