Bosnia to be among first to get Covid-19 vaccine, after contract with GAVI

NEWS 18.09.2020 16:21
Source: Shutterstock

Bosnia's Civil Affairs Minister Ankica Gudeljevic signed a contract with the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines) on the procurement of vaccines for Bosnian residents, the Ministry said on Friday.

Namely, Bosnia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva forwarded the World Health Organization (WHO), GAVI and the Coalition for Innovation Preparedness’ (CEPI) joint invitation letter to the Ministry of Civil Affairs in July this year, for the country's accession to the Instrument for Global Access to the COVID-19 Disease Vaccine (COVAX), which will be administered by GAVI.

“The contract on the procurement of vaccines with GAVI was finally signed on September 18, 2020, after it was approved by the Presidency. This news is very important as well as encouraging for the people of Bosnia. With this act, the country fulfilled all its obligations towards GAVI which had to be fulfilled before the signing of the contract. The signing means that Bosnia will be among the first countries in the world to get the vaccine against Covid-19,” the Ministry said.