Bosnian Prosecution investigating RS Prime Minister for war crimes

NEWS 18.09.2020 16:30
Source: Arhiv

The War Crimes Chamber of Bosnia's Prosecution has formed a case against the Prime Minister of the country's Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity Radovan Viskovic, the Prosecutor's Office told N1 on Friday.

“The War Crimes Chamber of Bosnia's Prosecutor's Office has been working on a case concerning several persons, one of whom is the person you are asking about. We cannot provide further information regarding the case at this time,” the Prosecutor's Office said.

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They added that the Chamber has over 4,100 persons reported to the Prosecution from across the country and that all are treated equally. investigative portal published a text on Thursday and an audio recording from 2017 of a protected witness M-16 in the case of Miodrag Josipovic et al. saying that the current Prime Minister of Bosnia's Serb-dominated RS entity organized the transport of Bosniaks from Nova Kasaba village, near the eastern town of Srebrenica, to the location of their execution.

“Radovan Viskovic offered me money to relocate mass graves,” protected witness M-16 told the Court in 2017, reported adding that the same witness gave exactly the same testimony in 2007.