Head of Central Election Commission: Numerous irregularities apparent already

NEWS 21.09.2020 14:48
Source: N1

Numerous irregularities in the voter registration process have already been observed and it seems that those who are most likely to commit them are always “two or three straps ahead” of the Central Election Commission (CEC), the president of the institution told N1 on Monday.

Local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina are scheduled for November 15.


“For example, registration requests for persons who are either in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are on the regular voter lists or live elsewhere in the world are sent from one or two email addresses, but someone else had already acquired their documents and registered them to vote from another place,” Zeljko Bakalar said.

He said there is an increase in requests for the Brcko District, Zvornik, Doboj, Brod, Teslic and other towns and that there are some municipalities where there is an extraordinary increase in requests for voting from outside of Bosnia.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are irregularities but it simply became a trend,” he said.

Bakalar also said that in some cases 50 or 60 people were registered as living on the same foreign address.

“We can not identify them all (irregularities). Maybe when we count the votes, when they arrive by mail, we will see how many there are,” said.

Bakalar said that “it seems that some political actors are more prone to such abuse and are always two or three steps ahead of us” and that they usually are not sanctioned for it.