Slovenia confirms 50 new cases of coronavirus infection after fewer tests

NEWS 21.09.2020 12:31
Source: François WALSCHAERTS / AFP

Over the past 24 hours, 50 new cases of the coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Slovenia after 984 tests were done, according to the data released by the Slovenian government on Monday.

The data indicate that the daily number of cases is significantly lower than in recent days. However, last week significantly more people were tested daily, and the number of new infections exceeded one hundred, with 111 new cases registered on Saturday following 2,288 tests, and a record 137 new infections on Thursday.

Since the onset of the epidemic in Slovenia, there have been a total of 4,478 cases of COVID-19 and 142 fatalities, and there are currently 1,280 active cases.

Seventy COVID-19 patients are in hospitals, including 14 people in intensive care units, the Health Ministry said.