New Montenegrin parliament inaugurated, Krivokapic for PM designate

NEWS 23.09.2020 19:29

The 27th Montenegrin parliament was convened on Wednesday with Aleksa Becic of the Democratic Montenegro party being elected as Parliament Speaker and this is the first parliament in 30 years in which Milo Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists does not have a majority of seats.

All previous disputes about supporting Zdravko Krivokapic of the “For the future of Montenegro” platform were resolved and he has won the favour of parties in the ruling majority to be nominated as the candidate for the prime minister-designate.

The ruling coalition has 41 seats which are sufficient to send Djukanovic's party into the opposition.

After the 30 August parliamentary election the new ruling majority signed a coalition agreement whereby they undertake not to change state symbols or the country's foreign policy objectives, which includes also their promise that they will not bring into question the recognition of Kosovo.

Despite the agreement the most radical members of the pro-Serb Democratic Front party and MPs from the New Serb Democracy Party entered the chamber only after the national anthem had been played.

President Milo Djukanovic too did not attend today's sitting of the new parliament.

Djukanovic has 30 days to appoint Krivokapic as prime minister designate to form a new government.