Rodriguez: I'm glad Dzeko stayed in Roma, he's a key figure

NEWS 25.09.2020 20:35
Source: AS Roma

The player of the Italian club AS Roma Pedro Rodriguez was introduced to the media on Friday. Answering questions, he said he was happy that Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko stayed in the team because he is a key figure.

Rodriguez made statements ahead of the match Roma is playing against Juventus, which Dzeko was supposed to transfer to.

“Edin is our captain and a key figure in the locker room. He looks happy. He is an outstanding footballer who has scored so many goals. He is a top player who scores goals and helps you win games. I am happy that he's staying because he will help us grow. I hope he'll play on Sunday,” Rodriguez said.

He said that, while he was in the Chelsea, he had the opportunity to play against Roma and that he then “experienced players like Dzeko and Mickey”.

“The Roma team I faced was great and they showed it because they got to the semi-finals,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez arrived in Roma during the summer, and on Sunday he will play the second game in their jersey against Juventus.