City Council names Jure Franko honorary citizen of Sarajevo

NEWS 30.09.2020 14:43
Source: Grad Sarajevo

Sarajevo City Council decided on Wednesday to name former Slovenian alpine skier Jure Franko an honorary citizen of the City of Sarajevo.

The City Council elaborated their decision by saying that Jure Franko won a silver medal in the giant slalom at the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984 in Sarajevo. It was the first medal won by someone from the Yugoslav Ski National Team. That was also when the motto “I love Jurek more than burek” was created.

“In cooperation with Bosnia's Ski Association, Jure Franko initiated the stay of 15 children without parental care from Sarajevo's ‘SOS Kinderdorf’ at the Winter Olympics in Sestriere, Italy in 2006, where he personally covered all the costs. He was also a guest of the Children's Village where he talked with the children living there,” the Council said.

During the session, the Council decided that the recognition is awarded in the form of the Charter of the City of Sarajevo, which will be presented at the Formal Session of the City Council.