Serbian Right leader causes incident at Bosnian war event anniversary

NEWS 10.10.2020 12:41
Source: N1

The incident caused by Serbian Right leader Misa Vacic at an exhibition on the anniversary of an artillery attack on the town of Tuzla during the Bosnian war drew condemnation from opposition parties on Saturday.

Vacic grabbed the microphone at the opening of the exhibition, disrupting the event but was stopped from speaking by organizers and walked out. The exhibition was organized at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, which is known for its opposition to the war and nationalism, and was devoted to the civilian victims of the shelling.

The Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) and the League of Social Democrats (LSV) condemned Vacic's behaviour.

Everything Vucic does is done “at an order of Aleksandar Vucic (Serbian President), with the support of police and organised crime groups that are controlled by the regime,” SSP said.

LSV asked, “what else are the rightist extremists allowed to do in this country and for how long are they going to occupy the whole public space.”

This is a consequence, LSV added, of the lack of a clear policy of condemnation of war crimes from the 1990s and their constant denial.