Before shooting policeman, Zagreb gunman wrote 'enough of deceit'

NEWS 12.10.2020 17:50
Source: Josip Regovic/PIXSELL

Danijel Bezuk, the 22-year-old who wounded a policeman outside the government on Monday, posted a message on Facebook before committing suicide which said "Enough of deceit and trampling on human values without accountability."

He did not post on Facebook often. In early November 2018, he, for instance, posted a photo in which he is standing by a monument to defenders in Bogdanovci, wearing a T-shirt with insignia of the HOS wartime unit and the Bad Blue Boys football supporters’ group and the inscription “For all who are gone”.

In February 2018, Bezuk posted a photo of himself in a camouflage uniform, holding a sniper rifle made of wood. He wrote that the photo showed a member of a Serb paramilitary unit which he considered “one of the most protected species in Croatia.”

In previous years, he posted videos of sniper rifles and machine guns being tested, writing beneath one: “Wish I was one of them so that I can take out Serbs.” His Facebook wall shows a photo from Steven Spielberg's film “War Horse”.

According to the information provided by the police, Bezuk had no criminal record.