Director of Bosnia's intelligence agency questioned by prosecutors

NEWS 16.10.2020 14:03
Source: N1

The director of Bosnia and Herzegovina's OSA security-intelligence agency, Osman Mehmedagic, was questioned on Friday by prosecutorial authorities following a two-week investigation due to possible abuse of power and suspect education qualifications.

According to available information, prosecutorial authorities have investigated whether Mehmedagic's university diploma is valid and whether he abused his powers to obtain recordings from a post office in Sarajevo which he forwarded to the media to compromise an adviser in the Federation entity's interior ministry, Mirela Bubalo.

Mehmedagic, who was accompanied by his attorney arrived at the prosecutor's office where he spent just under two hours. After leaving the building, he did not wish to make any comments to reporters who had gathered there.

“You'll read about it,” he said while leaving.

Mehmedagic has been at the helm of OSA since 2015 and has been described as a very close associate of the Izetbegovic family.

That relationship has existed for years and Mehmedagic was a bodyguard for late president Alija Izetbegovic.

Mehmedagic is aspiring for another term as the director of OSA with the backing of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), however, due to formal reasons and suspicion that his diploma is not valid, that could prove to be a problem.