Bosnia breaks daily coronavirus record with over 700 new cases confirmed

NEWS 17.10.2020 12:42
Source: Ilustracija

Another 716 coronavirus infections and one death have been reported in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past 24 hours, the healthcare authorities confirmed Saturday morning.

The Federation region reported 485 positive cases out of 1,497 samples that have been tested in the last hours and one more death among Covid-19 patients.

115 patients have recovered since the last update on Friday.
The region has reported the total of 17,096 patients since the epidemic outbreak, and 4,108 are currently active. The coronavirus death toll in this part of Bosnia is 626,

As for Republika Srpska region, its healthcare authorities performed 787 lab tests in the last 24 hours and confirmed 226 new coronavirus infections.

To this date, 11,380 coronavirus cases and 334 fatalities have been confirmed in this part of the country. The total of 7,387 patients has recovered.

Brcko District, a separate administrative unit in the north, has confirmed five new cases out of 19 lab tests performed in the last 24 hours. The coronavirus total in this region is now 351, with currently active 40 cases.

According to official statistics, Bosnia has recorded more than 33,000 coronavirus cases since the epidemic outbreak and nearly 1,000 Covid-19 deaths. Almost 25,000 patients have recovered to date.