Bosnian artists condemn attacks on their Serbian colleagues

NEWS 18.10.2020 15:24
Source: Lončarević

Dozens of artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a letter of support for their Serbian colleagues who were recently targeted by vandals in two separate incidents, calling on competent institutions to enable freedom of speech.

“We, the undersigned, condemn all attacks on our colleagues actors, filmmakers, writers, visual artists, producers, organisers and heads of artistic institutions in Serbia,” said the letter, signed by 60 actors, musicians, writers, filmmakers, visual artists.

The support comes days after vandals caused an incident at an artwork exhibition in Belgrade and the incident caused by the Serbian Right leader a during an event marking a Bosnian war event anniversary, also in Serbia’s capital.

“On these days they are exposed to a series of attacks because of their artistic engagement, which is partly linked to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every jeopardising of the freedom of speech and expression of thought in any country in the region is an attack on all artists and our audience, it brings the building of democratic society and the rule of law into jeopardy. We call on all institutions to protect the attacked colleagues and enable the freedom of speech,” said Bosnian artists.