Bosnia's intelligence chief indicted for abuse of power

Source: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina prosecutors have indicted the director of the OSA security-intelligence agency, Osman Mehmedagic, charging him with abuse of power to establish the identity of the person who reported him for having an invalid university diploma and lacking the necessary qualifications for his job.

The local prosecutors also indicted OSA operative Muhamed Pekic for aiding and abetting Mehmedagic.

Mehmedagic and Pekic are charged with abusing their position and power as well as OSA's resources during August 2020 to obtain information and photos about the person who filed an anonymous complaint against Mehmedagic, warning that he has an invalid university diploma and lacks the necessary qualifications for his job. 

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The local media reported earlier that Mehmedagic abused his power to obtain a recording from a post office in Sarajevo which he forwarded to the media to compromise Mirela Bubalo, an adviser to Federation entity Interior Minister Aljosa Campara.

He thus wanted to depict Bubalo as the person who did dirty jobs for Campara whom Mehmedagic sees as an opponent as Campara has pointed to the fact that the current OSA director lacks a valid university diploma.

Mehmedagic has been at the helm of OSA since 2015 and is now running for another term, but the biggest obstacle to his reappointment is the fact that he cannot prove to have a valid university diploma.

That is now subject to investigation in a separate case.