Bosnia's Grand Mufti: Vienna is our joint line of defence of freedom

NEWS 03.11.2020 14:51

Vienna is our joint line of defence against the “wicked, dark, evil people” who want to sow “hatred, terror and fear,” said the head of Bosnia’s Islamic Community on Tuesday after the terrorist attack in Vienna the day before, adding that terrorists should not be allowed to achieve their goal of making people afraid of each other.

Austrian authorities said that the attacker was radicalised and a supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS). Police did not exclude the possibility that there may have been more than one perpetrator. 


“In these difficult moments of sorrow and pain caused by wicked, dark, evil people, who sowed hatred, terror and fear, we must stay together on our humane side, in defence of freedom, brotherhood, a common destiny and honour. Vienna must be the common frontline that we will defend, without fear or cost, because this is not just about Vienna, we are all free people and so is the whole of Europe,” Grand Mufti Husein Kavazovic told the news portal.

“If we allow these dark people to control our reason and to cloud our feelings and trust in each other, they will forever bring unrest, subdue our spirit, and the world will no longer be free,” he stressed.

“Now it is important to stand with the citizens of Vienna, to support them and to vow that there is no sacrifice that we are not willing to endure, together with them, against the terror, darkness and evil that evil people are spreading. Let us not be afraid of each other, that is their goal! May dear God help us preserve our souls and minds for the good of this world,” he concluded.