Grand Mufti's advisor on Vienna attack: We will not allow for Islam to be abused

NEWS 03.11.2020 17:15
Source: N1

We will not allow for the honourable religion of Islam to be abused, Mustafa Prljaca, an advisor to the head of Bosnia’s Islamic Community, told N1 on Tuesday following the terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria, that took place the day before.

He said that the Islamic community has a very clear position regarding the attack – “what is happening is something terrible, something that not only has nothing to do with Islam but stands against Islam and Islamic values.”


Four civilians were killed and another 17 people were seriously injured when an armed attacker, who police said was an Islamic State (ISIS) supporter, opened fire in the city centre in Vienna on Monday.

“In all this, we align ourselves with those who build civilization, who make efforts to give life a new quality, to improve the living conditions for people, plants, animals, etc., and not with those who destroy, who do not respect human dignity, for whom human life is not sanctity.

The “evil that has emerged” must be met with a strong response and condemned, he stressed.

Islam is a religion that recognises the differences between peoples and their faiths and pushes them to meet each other and build up their lives together on this world, he said.

“We will not allow them (terrorists) to abuse such a glorious, humane faith that is so full of grace, for any dishonourable ends. We will do everything we can to stop them,” Prljaca concluded.