Court confirms abuse of power indictment against head of intelligence agency

NEWS 04.11.2020 18:17
Source: N1

Bosnia’s state Court confirmed an indictment charging the head of Bosnia’s intelligence agency (OSA) with abuse of power in his alleged efforts to find out who reported him for having an invalid university diploma and lacking the necessary qualifications for his job, Bosnia’s Prosecutor’s Office said on Wednesday.

The indictment also charges OSA employee Muhamed Pekic for aiding and abetting Mehmedagic.


Mehmedagic told the SRNA news agency that he does not know about the Court confirming the indictment as he was not notified about it yet.

“My hands are full, I am working and I have no information on whether the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment against me. My lawyers have not informed me of it,” he said.

One of Mehmedagic’s lawyers, Senka Nozica, also told the news agency that she was not notified about it.

The indictment demands that Mehmedagic be barred from serving as OSA director until the case is completed at court.