NBA star Jusuf Nurkic buys house for poverty-stricken family in Bosnia

NEWS 05.11.2020 21:30

NBA star Jusuf Nurkic bought a house for a poverty-stricken family of three in Bosnia, the local charity organisation said on Thursday.

“After he saw the sad story of the Memisevic family, our national team member and NBA player, Jusuf Nurkic, bought them a house no less!” the organisation said.

The mother in the family, Jasmina, lost her leg a decade ago after stepping on a landmine and takes care of her 11-year-old son, Adin, who has a heart condition. Her husband, Edvin, works odd jobs to provide for the family.

The family used to sleep on the floor of a run-down house without running water, a bathroom and nearly any furniture.

Nurkic contacted after seeing how they live. The family received the key to their new home beginning of this week.

“Jusuf is a friend of our organization, and he is a person who helps more in secret than publicly, but from time to time we manage to persuade him to publish some of his good deeds, primarily to encourage others to do good,” the organisation said.