Telemach BiH marks 10th anniversary with donation to Mostar firefighters

NEWS 06.11.2020 15:38
Source: Telemach

The company Telemach, which is owned by United Group, is celebrating its 10th birthday and decided to spread the joy of its first decade of successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a donation to firefighters in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

As part of Telemach's birthday present, firefighters in Mostar received a modern whirlpool bath with state-of-the-art equipment and donations were given to the Directorate of the Professional Fire Brigade in the Kneza Viseslava street and the Sjeverna Jedinica Professional Fire Brigade unit.

From now on, Mostar firefighters will also be able to enjoy a rich TV programme and watch their favourite content on HD channels or enjoy some of the many films and series that Telemach gifted them access to free of charge.

“Telemach is a domestic company, and throughout a decade of doing business with our fellow citizens, we have always shared many happy but also difficult moments and tried to help most adequately. Our support for Mostar's heroes, the firefighters, is just a small sign of appreciation and gratitude for everything they do for all of us. We have been building the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina together for 10 years and we commit to continue to support the community we live in this way,” said Hajdi Mostic, President of the Board of Directors of the Telemach foundation.

“We are honoured by the support of Telemach BiH, which made our demanding and risky everyday life a little easier and provided us with a place where we can rest. The fact that they recognized our efforts and commitment in the service of our fellow citizens means more to us than the donation itself,” said Petar Juric, commander of the Professional Fire Brigade Mostar.

For its 10th anniversary of doing business in Bosnia, Telemach is donating to ten institutions in ten towns in the country.

The company, which employs more than 650 people, is committed to the progress of the community where it operates and to assisting various social groups.

Telemach BiH and its services, EON and Total TV, as well as the TV channels and web portal of N1 and Nova BiH, operate as part of the United Group.