Flood in Syrian camp Al Hol prompts closure and deportation of foreign nationals


Syrian camp Al Hol housing foreign nationals in that country has been flooded by rain falling relentlessly over the past two days, prompting camp's closure and relocation of the remaining prisoners to Al Roj camp, Sanjin Sabanovic, an employee for a German security company told N1 on Tuesday.

The Al Hol camp also holds several Bosnian nationals, mostly women with children, whose readmission is underway, according to Kurdish Regional Security Council which said last month that over 100 Bosnian nationals are placed in these camps.

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Sabanovic said he was confident in his assessment because he had the opportunity to visit the said camps with a Qatar humanitarian organization working in Syria.

According to Kurdish sources, they are working on the paperwork for a Bosnian family of six – a mother and five of her children, who will be returned with the rest of Bosnian nationals once all of their papers are collected.

Family members of Bosnian women and children in Al Hol and Al Roj camps have been protesting over the past years over Bosnian authorities inaction to bring them home and help their reintegration into society.