Telemach Bosnia makes another donation marking its 10th anniversary

NEWS 13.11.2020 11:24
Source: Telemach BiH

Telemach company, cable television and broadband internet service provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina owned by United Group, has made a worthy donation to a local nursing home, marking 10 years of its operations in the country.

The company's representatives visited a nursing home in Tuzla, a city north of Sarajevo, providing its users with technical devices and its services that are supposed to fill their leisure time.

“Through our regular activities, Telemach has been for ten years actively participating in various contributions to the community. It is our honour to make the days to our fellow citizens in the Tuzla Nursing Home brighter. Given the circumstances and restricted movements, caused by the pandemic, we are sure that this donation will at least partly make their days more cheerful,” said Hajdi Mostic, chairperson of the Telemach Foundation's Steering Board. 

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The nursing home management thanked Telemach's staff for providing their services.

“It is of utmost importance for our users to know there are people who think of them and their needs. Thanks to this donation, our pensioners will spend their days more actively, playing social games, watching TV content, but also virtually communicating with those they, unfortunately, cannot see in person now due to restrictions,” said the nursing home manager, Mirsad Bakalovic.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Telemach will make ten donations to ten institutions in ten cities across the country.

United Group is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Telemach and its services EON and Total TV, as well as N1 TV and its news portal, and Nova BH TV.