SDA: Neither Milanovic nor Croatia authorised to discuss Bosnia situation

NEWS 14.11.2020 11:16
Source: N1

The Bosniak Party of Democratic Action (SDA) on Friday disputed the right of Croatian officials to discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and condemned Croatian President Zoran Milanovic's initiative that it be discussed by Croatia's National Security Council.

Milanovic suggested to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic to convene the Council and that the status of Croats in BiH and the implementation of the Dayton peace agreement be one of the items on the agenda.

The SDA called Milanovic's request “populist and illegal.”

“Although it is obvious that Milanovic's request has a background in his conflict with the Croatian government, we call on him not to sharpen his teeth on Bosnia and Herzegovina because that has never brought good either to BiH or Croatia. We remind Milanovic that the last time neighboring states’ national security councils discussed BiH, the transcripts of those meetings were evidence based on which the aggression of neighboring states on Bosnia and Herzegovina was established,” the SDA said in a press release.

It said the only bodies in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Dayton agreement were the Peace Implementation Council and the UN Security Council.

The SDA called on Milanovic to consider the Security Council's condemnation of the glorifying of war criminals, reminding him that officials of the Croat HDZ BiH party, which the SDA said Milanovic supported, this week paid their respects to convicted war criminal Marko Radic.