Incumbent Srebrenica mayor convinced in election victory

NEWS 17.11.2020 12:08
Source: N1

Current Head of Srebrenica Municipality and Serb candidate in the local elections Mladen Grujicic said he had a strong lead in the race for this post, adding that in-mail ballots will certainly not provide his opponent, Bosniak candidate Alija Tabakovic, with the lead that he expects.

“We have information on turnout and, judging by that, the number (of votes) that the opponents expect will certainly not be met,” said Grujicic, speaking in N1's Dan uzivo programme.

According to latest data issued by the Central Election Commission, Grujicic won 61 percent and Tabakovic 37 percent of votes.

Compared to some other polling stations, said Grujicic, the eastern town Srebrenica reported no violations of electoral rules.

“I am grateful both to the Bosniaks and the Serbs, there were no provocations,” he said, adding that a minor accident happened when a group of his opponents passed by his house and called him to go out, which disturbed his family.

The convoy of his supporters who celebrated Grujicic's victory was, according to the candidate, fair.

He claimed that the cars with Serbian license plates seen on the vehicles of some voters in Srebrenica belonged to actual Srebrenica residents who “had to move to Serbia.”

“Those people were born in Srebrenica, they have valid documents and I want the same from Bosniaks – that all those living in (nearby towns) Lukavac, Banovici, Zivinice… come to Srebrenica and vote, regardless of their license plates,” stressed Grujicic.

He dismissed allegations about these voters being “fictitious voters,” noting that this is how he would call those who took an ID in Srebrenica in September and who unregistered a day after elections already.

“They never lived in Srebrenica and they came to support Tabakovic. The next day after the election, more than 70 people were unregistered in Srebrenica, which is a proof of engineering,” he underlined.

The lists of voters will be reviewed in the following period and only those who live in Srebrenica and are entitled to the right to vote there will do so, he announced.