Bosnia's Serb-majority region acquires Russia-made helicopters

NEWS 23.11.2020 15:23
Source: tangosix

The ‘Russian Helicopters’ company has made a delivery of the first of three helicopters for Republika Srpska, Bosnia’s Serb-dominated region, and its police forces, according to sources in Serbia. website wrote on Monday that the helicopters will be used by a new unit within the Republika Srpska’s Interior Ministry, the first European purchaser of the ‘Ansat’ helicopter. 


The helicopters are equipped with a medical module, designed to provide specialised medical care, seats for one patient and two medical technicians. The medical equipment includes a mobile ventilator, ECG and other devices. A set of five additional seats was delivered with the first helicopter, which can be installed instead of MEDEVAC configuration.

Republika Srpska will get other two ‘Ansat’ helicopters in 2021 and in 2022.

According to the contract with the ‘Russian Helicopters’ company, three technicians and two pilots will be trained at the training centre in Kazan now, while four more pilots and six technicians will be trained in the next two years.