Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrating its birthday (VIDEO)

NEWS 25.11.2020 20:23
Source: za N1

Bosnia’s Statehood Day, November 25, is not only a day to remember the country’s history but also to be reminded of its beauty.

The drone video above by and N1 features, among other things, the curviest river in the world – Sujica, the Nature Park Tajan, the frozen waterfall Skakavac, the Kravice waterfall, the Smetovi mountains, Ramsko lake, Zelengora and Ponijeri mountain ranges and the Hutovo Blato nature reserve. It also features footage of wild horses roaming the western Herzegovina area.

But nature is not the only attraction. Bosnia’s architecture and urban areas offer stunning sights.

The video features footage of the Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, the Old Towns of Tesanj, Ostrozac, Jajce and Sarajevo’s Bascarsija, as well as the towns of Neum, Mostar, the ‘stecak’ – Bosnia’s medieval tombstone, as well as the original Charter of Kulin Ban from 1189, and other such attractions.