Montenegro expels Serbian ambassador, Serbia responds in kind

NEWS 28.11.2020 18:43
Source: N1

Montenegro's Foreign Ministry declared Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic, persona non grata on Saturday, ordering him to leave the country and Serbia responded in kind, ordering Ambassador Tarzan Milosevic to leave Serbia.

“After a long and continuous interference with internal affairs of Montenegro, the behaviour and statements unrelated to common and acceptable standards of performing a diplomatic duty, after many verbal and written warnings about such behaviour not being acceptable, Ambassador Bozovic called yesterday the illegal and illegitimate Podgorica Assembly of 1918 the “liberation” and “free will” of Montenegrin people, humiliating in this way once again the state that offered him diplomatic hospitality,” the ministry said.

The ambassador also humiliated in this way the highest legislative and representative authority – the Assembly of Montenegro, which adopted on November 29, 2018 the Resolution on annulment of the Podgorica Assembly's decision that had eliminated the then sovereignty of Montenegro, merged its territory to the Kingdom of Serbia and forcibly dethroned the King Nikola Petrovic Njegos (Nicholas I of Montenegro).

“The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Montenegro has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia about this in a regular way, and Ambassador Bozovic will also receive a note,” the statement said.

The Serbian Foreign Ministry responded, declaring Montenegro's Ambassador in Belgrade Tarzan Milosevic persona non grata. “Following the declaration of the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Montenegro Vladimir Bozovic persona non grata, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia acted in a reciprocal manner and Ambassador Tarzan Milosevic has been also declared persona non grata,” a statement said.