Mortal remains 'likely belonging to Serb victims' found in Bosnia's northwest

NEWS 03.12.2020 14:29
Source: Tužilaštvo BiH

Mortal remains of five persons were discovered in a mass grave near the northwestern town Sanski Most, said Bosnia’s Prosecutor’s Office, noting that the remains most likely belong to the Serb victims that had gone missing in late 1995.

The mass grave exhumation was coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office experts.

“According to preliminary information, these are the Serb victims that had gone missing in autumn 1995,” said the institution.

The body remains have been sent for further analyses and their identities will be determined in DNA analysis. The exhumation will resume at the nearby location – Susnjari.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that those involved in the exhumation include the representatives of the Missing Persons Institute, forensic doctor, police officers of the Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry, and other essential workers.