Telemach BiH marks 10th birthday with donation to Petar Kocic Cultural Center

NEWS 04.12.2020 12:39
Source: Telemach

The company Telemach BiH is celebrating its 10th birthday and decided to spread the joy of its first decade of successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina with donations to ten institutions in ten towns in the country. This time, the ‘Petar Kocic’ Cultural Center in Mrkonjic Grad received modern technological equipment, as well as free cable TV and internet service from the company.

“With our donation to the Cultural Center ‘Petar Kocic’ in Mrkonjic Grad, we provide assistance to employees of that institution who persist in their intention to bring young people and residents of Mrkonjic Grad closer to the cultural values ​​of that city and enrich everyday life with various sports, cultural and educational content,” said Hajdi Mostic, President of the Board of Directors of the Telemach foundation.


“We have together been building the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 10 years and we are committed to continuing to support the community in which we live,” she said.

“Our Cultural Center serves all citizens, but primarily young people. And, as we are the bearers of all (cultural) activities in Mrkonjic Grad, we are especially honoured that the company Telemach recognized our efforts and its donation will help us further connect young people and strengthen their affinities,” said Boro Boskic, the director of the Cultural Center.

He said that thanks to the donation, the Center is now planning to include education in the field of technology.

Telemach BiH, which employs more than 650 people, is committed to the progress of the community where it operates and to assisting various social groups.

Telemach BiH and its services, EON and Total TV, as well as the TV channels and web portal of N1 and Nova BiH, operate as part of the United Group.