Border Police head: Bosnia has a migrant problem because of EU, not Serbia

Source: N1

There is a “huge number” of migrants waiting to cross the border into Bosnia from Serbia, the head of the Border Police, Zoran Galic, said on Friday, explaining that Bosnia does not have a migrant problem because of Serbia’s behaviour but because of the EU as the migrants are able to cross the Greek border too easily.

“We don’t want to scare the public, but there is a huge number of people waiting to cross into Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Galic said.


He explained that Bosnia had registered 155 migrants in 2016, 765 a year later, and in 2018 the number was 23,400 while last year it was 29,800, adding that the country continues to experience a “rapid increase” in migrants entering.

“The problem here is not Serbia, but the EU, the border with Greece, which is being crossed very easily. We have an illogical situation where migrants are coming to us from the EU and then are stopped again at the gate of the EU in Croatia,” he explained.

Most of those migrants are nationals of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq and Iran and Syria, which is a war-torn country, is only seventh in line when it comes to the number of migrants, he stressed.

“It is now clear that these are not war migrations, but migrations that have a certain goal, most of all a political and economic one,” Galic concluded.