Ex Foreign Minister: Bosnia's setup is unnatural and will have to change

NEWS 16.12.2020 21:20
Source: N1

Bosnia's former Foreign Affairs Minister, Zlatko Lagumdzija, told N1 on Wednesday that the current setup of Bosnia and Herzegovina is unnatural and that it will at some point be changed.

Lagumdzija, who took part in a conference recently where the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the Bosnian war and contains the country's Constitution was discussed, said that everything that is unnatural, will eventually have to be rejected.

“Everything that’s happening to us is unnatural, this is not normal, and it will fail,” he said, adding that the narrative from 1992 has returned and that the entire conference in Zagreb was conducted in the atmosphere of what the leader of the strongest Bosnian Croat party in the country, Dragan Covic, and his Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) keep saying all along: “that people have to be split up in three herds and have three shepherds and when that calms down, Europe will let us in.”

“My simple observation was this: how come you are going back to Bolshevik concepts that are a hundred years old and offer us constitutivity which does not exist anywhere else in the world, instead of human rights and a secular, citizen-based state?” Lagumdzija asked?

“There is only one explanation. If it is because you cannot accept that Muslims can live in a citizen-based state in Europe, then you obviously have a problem with Muslims. If Bosnian Muslims want to be citizens of the European Union if we don’t mind being there, what right do you have to turn us into special cases who have to live like three herds with three shepherds?” he said.