Bosnia and Herzegovina's traditional grass mowing contest recognised by UNESCO

NEWS 16.12.2020 21:43
Source: Reuters/Dado Ruvić

Traditional grass mowing competition of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s southwestern town Kupres has been inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage list, Bosnia’s Civil Affairs Ministry confirmed on Wednesday.

The grass mowing day or colloquially called ‘Strljanica’ – which is also the name of the site where it takes place, is a centuries-long tradition that means more than a competition for the locals. It gathers thousands of visitors every year.

The custom involves the grass mowing using a hand-made scythe.


The initiative to nominate the custom for the UNESCO list was launched by the local community in Kupres, with the full support of the Civil Affairs Ministry and the State Commission to the UNESCO.

The grass mowing competition of Kupres has become the fourth element to be included on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage list.