'Bosnia has enough natural gas, Gazprom made a technical error'

NEWS 17.12.2020 09:39
Source: N1

Gazprom made a technical error which created panic in Bosnian public, BiH gas company's CEO Jasmin Salkic told N1 on Thursday, adding that the country has enough gas for the winter.

“Our capacities are ready for the winter. I'm sorry that someone abused the situation. The natural gas was delivered and paid for properly, everything was reviewed by all sides. Is there any politics in this and other things, there's always politics when dealing with Russians and this situation showed us the meaning of Russian influence,” BH Gas CEO Jasmin Salkic told N1.

“The Southern Interconnection project that we are working on has proven to be a project that needs to be accelerated even more so that we do not panic even in cases of false stories,” he added.

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After receiving information that gas supply was reduced by 50 percent, BH Gas employees immediately contacted the Russian gas giant Gazprom and determined that they made a technical error. How this information got into public is a mystery to Salkic.

He noted that Bosnia does not have gas storage facilities but that they can always buy additional gas from someone else in case of shortage.

Sakic reiterated that natural gas will be cheaper by 8 percent in Bosnia's Federation entity from January 1, 2021, and that the company is working on new prices for the industry so that they could contribute to the reduction of pollution in the country.