Most common foreign languages in Vienna are Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish

NEWS 17.12.2020 14:52
Source: Dimitry Anikin Unsplash

Every fourth employee in Vienna public institutions is an immigrant and the most common languages in city institutions are Turkish, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Vienna City management's Integration report said, adding that 34.7 percent of all employees in healthcare are persons with a migrant origin.

Immigration of young men and women has significantly changed the demographic image of the city over the past 30 years. Over 30 percent of residents of the Austrian capital are foreign nationals, the report said, adding that 36.7 percent of them are born abroad while 41.3 percent of all residents said their parents were born abroad.

The said report also showed the educational structure in the city, stating that immigrants who came to Austria before 2011 reached their highest education qualification abroad.

The share of persons with higher or vocational education amounted to 56 percent, which is only 4 percent lower than the population without a migrant origin.