Bosnia's Federation entity confirms it secured funds for Covid-19 vaccine

NEWS 17.12.2020 15:07
Source: Printscreen

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Federation (FBiH) entity has clarified on Thursday that it secured the funds for the Covid-19 vaccine through COVAX mechanism but that it was not timely informed by the state-level authorities the funds should be paid by December 15.

The statement comes a day after Bosnia’s Deputy Civil Affairs Minister Sinisa Ilic said the vaccine procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina was jeopardised because the FBiH Government failed to pay for 800 thousands of vaccine shots.

Bosnia’s other semi-autonomous region, Republika Srpska (RS), which runs its healthcare system separately just like the FBiH, paid the amount necessary for its 400 thousand doses, according to Ilic.

The top state body, the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, is however in charge of approving the availability of medicinal products and medical devices on the Bosnian market.

The FBiH Government clarified on Thursday that it has been “timely and regularly” meeting its obligations within the COVAX mechanism, recalling that it paid 2.12 million deposit for this purpose.

The FBiH has planned 60 million in the 2021 budget for this purpose, the Government said.

It was also noted that the competent ministries are working to solve this problem and the public will be timely informed about it.