Sarajevo airport cancels all flights due to thick fog

NEWS 18.12.2020 10:18
Source: N1

All flights to and from Sarajevo Airport, scheduled for Friday morning, have been cancelled due to thick fog, Airport officials confirmed for N1, adding that the current visibility is only 200 metres.

Sarajevo International Airport also confirmed that a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul, whose landing was planned at 10:30 am, was cancelled. As well as the flight of Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul, which was scheduled to land at 2:10 pm.

During the day, the Airport also has arrivals from Vienna, Belgrade and Dubai planned but the current weather situation is still bad.

“Weather conditions regarding the fog and decreased visibility is bad at the moment, but we predict the visibility will improve between noon and 4 pm,” Airports PR Office told N1.

Sarajevo International Airport was forced to cancel all flights last night, as well, due to thick fog in the city.