Trial against head of Bosnia’s intelligence agency begins

NEWS 18.12.2020 12:00
Source: N1

The trial against the head of Bosnia’s intelligence agency (OSA) Osman Mehmedagic for abuse of office began Friday.

The main trial was held before Judge Branko Peric during which Prosecutor Oleg Cavka read the indictment and stated that it was “a textbook example of abuse of office and authority”.

Čavka stated that the director of OSA, Osman Mehmedagic, after learning about the existence of an anonymous report against him, contacted the director of BH Post, Mirsad Mujic, and asked for the exclusion of surveillance video from the BH Post office in Novi Sarajevo, claiming that it was a state secret.

As stated at the beginning of the trial, Mujic reminded him that the law requires a written request from the Agency, so Mujic allegedly ordered his employees to remove the recording.

Prosecutor Cavko stated that their actions threaten the safety of citizens anonymous whistle-blowers and that the news of this event went global.

Mehmedagic's attorney Senka Nozica stated that this is a classic example of a rigged political trial aimed at removing Mehmedagic from the position of OSA director and that in addition to this indictment, there is another one against him, and that three investigations in total are being conducted against her client.

The indictment demands that Mehmedagic be barred from serving as OSA director until the case is completed at court.