Mostar election observers: Numbers don't match in 142 of 150 polling stations

NEWS 20.12.2020 11:38
Source: N1

Local election observers “Pod Lupom” coalition noted they observed a mismatch in numbers on electoral rolls in 142 out of 150 polling stations in the south-Bosnian city of Mostar which is holding local elections for the first time in 12 years, the network said Sunday morning.

“We focused all our attention on this: We received all electoral rolls and candidate lists. According to the current information from the field, the Central Election Commission's rolls show a difference in numbers in 142 out of 150 polling stations in total. We are talking about several thousand voters,” Dario Jovanovic from the “Pod Lupom” coalition after presenting the general information about the election and added:

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“The number of voters listed on electoral rolls from the City Election Commission is smaller than that of the Central Election Commission by about 4,000. It's really suspicious that so many voters are missing and that the difference [between the two rolls] is so great. There's a mismatch in 142 out of 150 polling stations.”

He reiterated that these are still preliminary information and that they are waiting for the state election watchdog to respond, after which they will announce their comment about the case.