Leader of main Bosniak Party in BiH: We want a modern and prosperous Mostar

NEWS 21.12.2020 15:22
Source: Facebook

We want a united, prosperous, both modern and traditional, as well as European Mostar, the leder of the strongest Bosniak Party in BiH – Democratic Action Party (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic wrote on his Facebook profile Monday, on the occasion of Sunday's local elections held in this south Bosnian city.

“I congratulate all Mostar residents on the successful local elections. Special thanks to those who voted for Coalition for Mostar 2020 candidates,” Izetbegovic wrote and added:

“We all have to wait for the official results and the end of the complicated process of calculating the number of councillors in the Mostar City Council, after which we will start the negotiations regarding the election of the Mayor and the formation of the ruling majority. Our expectations from the new City Council are known and clear – we want a united, prosperous, both modern and traditional, as well as a European Mostar.”
The southern Bosnian city saw its first election since 2008 on Sunday and the voter turnout at regular polling stations was 55.00 percent, which means that 52,865 people took to the polls and elected 35 councilors to their City Council – 13 elected from the central city zone and the remaining 22 from six other ethnically-based constituencies.

The central electoral roll for Mostar was concluded on 11 November 2020 with a total of 100,864, who could cast their vote at 150 regular polling stations, 16 polling stations for voters in absentia, and through 20 mobile teams for Covid-19 patients.

A total of 1,717 election observers from the Central Election Commission, Mostar’s Election Commission, civil society organisations and international observers monitored the election process.

According to the state election watchdog, the main Bosnian Croat party in the country, the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), is in the lead in the city’s central zone ahead of the ‘Coalition for Mostar’ which consists of five political parties, including the SDA.