Bosnian company TMD Group to start mass production of medical ventilators

Source: N1

The TMD Group from the Bosnian town of Gradacac has produced a prototype of the first Bosnian ventilator at a British laboratory's incentive that certified them. This great success for the company, but also for the country is becoming a new branch of industry in our country.

“We began the implementation of this project at the beginning of March, our first prototype came out at the end of May. It took two to three months to build the prototype, however, when we finished testing the prototype, there were certain disadvantages and advantages. But certain positive opinions prevailed. We have also started redesigning it,” says Emir Softic, head of technical preparation and technology at the TMD Group Gradacac, for N1.

They received an invitation from the British Embassy. As a response to the coronavirus pandemic, the UK opened a laboratory to test ventilators developed across the world. The Group also entered the programme, Softic added. Before sending the ventilator to the UK, the Group asked the Bosnian Verlab company to inspect their prototype.

The British laboratory said their ventilator is the highest rated of all ventilators from across the world.

“We're now in the standardization phase. Our device has to undergo certain changes, from the choice of material used to the way it is made, and then we'll start the mass production. Before that, we have to work on the standardization, so that we can get the CE certificate. After the certification, we're starting mass production primarily for the local market and the for the British, European and world market,” Softic told N1.
The only certified laboratory to test ventilators in the country, Verlab, told N1 that medical equipment is first certified with the ISO 13485 standard.

With this new product, the MD Group is starting a new in Bosnia and Herzegovina.