Bosnian Croat assn calls on state electoral body to resign over Mostar election

NEWS 22.12.2020 09:10
Source: N1

The Croat People’s Assembly (HNS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina called on the Central Election Commission to resign over alleged irregularities in the local election in Mostar last weekend.

“The decision of BiH Central Election Commission on the vote recount at 70 (of 150) polling stations in Mostar has confirmed the doubts about severe irregularities and manipulations that the Croat People’s Assembly presented in public,” said the HNS.  

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The association warned about “tectonic changes and the turnout in the areas populated by the Bosniak people as of 5 pm” which “cannot be rationally explained,” as there was no crowd reported at the said polling stations.

“After the polling stations closed at 7 pm, there was no information about further count procedure, which is absolutely impermissible for a democratic process,” said the HNS, adding that all European countries manage to count the samples of several hundred thousand votes in an hour, while Mostar cannot give the information even 37 hours after the polling stations closed.

Bosnian election watchdog ordered a recount of ballots from 70 polling stations in south Bosnian City of Mostar after the City Election Commission asked them to do so, following the Sunday local election.

“Mostar City Election Commission submitted a request for the opening of ballot boxes and properly consolidating the determined results,” Central Election Commission said.