All ballots from Mostar elections counted, results not yet announced

NEWS 23.12.2020 16:53
Source: Fena

Mostar's City Electoral Commission (GIP) has counted all the ballots from Sunday's local elections, and on Wednesday it sent all the materials to Bosnia and Herzegovina's Central Electoral Commission (SIP) which has not released the results yet.

On Tuesday, GIP members checked for irregularities after counting the ballots. According to the president of Mostar's GIP, Hilmo Dzidelija, some of the 45 irregularities could not be removed.

He said that they had only checked where it had been determined that the data did not match and removed what could be removed, while SIP in Sarajevo would continue the process.

According to him, the most common mistakes were related to the fact that the numbers on the minutes were different from the number of ballots, as well as to the differences in the number of preference votes received by candidates compared to political parties.

Asked about the case in which HDZ BiH was not attributed 214 votes at one polling station, Dzidelija said that that data would not affect the results of the elections.

Although the City Electoral Commission in Mostar has counted all ballots, the results of the elections have not been announced to the public yet.

On Wednesday, the HDZ BiH City Committee, the party that is the individual winner of the election for the Mostar city council, repeatedly criticised the fact that the results of Sunday's vote had not been released.

“HDZ BiH Mostar City Committee condemns the politically compromised Central Electoral Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina and we hereby call on them to finally announce the stolen results of the local elections for the City of Mostar,” it was said in the press release.